What are the Current Bathroom Remodeling Trends?

Most people agree that bathrooms are one of the most utilized and under-designed rooms in a home.  Many homeowners focus on remodeling their kitchen and invest less into their bathrooms.  Outed and old vanities, wall coverings and furnishings quickly leads to obsolete and underutilized bathroom spaces and designs. Everyone appreciates a beautiful bathroom, large or small.  Not only does an updated bathroom add beauty and luxuries of the modern age, but it can also dramatically increase the value of your home.   If you have decided it is time to get rid of that outdated old looking bathroom and finally spice things up, be sure to do it right this time. You need to focus both on functionality and design. Listed Below are 9 Current Bathroom Remodeling Trends to Consider:

  1. Open & Walk-In Showers: What started as a necessity to conserve on space in small bathrooms, walk-in and open showers are now being utilized in large spacious bathrooms, even in bathrooms large enough for free standing bathtubs. You can achieve that modern minimalistic style with open or walk-in showers.
  2. Utilize Natural Elements: Bathrooms can be dull looking spaces unless they are intentionally livened up. You can accomplish this by adding natural or natural looking plants and shrubs to liven things up. Natural waterproof wood basins and vanities are also another merging trend.
  3. Coffee Table/Open Style Vanities: While most vanities are large and enclosed, the new emerging style of vanities is an open see in coffee table style vanity which helps bring in an inviting living room kind of feel to the bathroom.
  4. Neutral Nude Colors: The days of bold colors for bathrooms are out. Neutral nude colors will enhance your furnishings, fixtures and light fixtures making them stand out. This is all the new rage right now.
  5. Terrazzo Trending Again: The mix of natural stones and marbles for walls, backsplash, countertops, and flooring are trending again with designers and will make your new bathroom pop.
  6. Stand Alone Tubs & Sinks: There has been an increase in available styles and designs in the past couple years, these are mostly used in spacious bathrooms, however they can work in re-designed small spaces and are being utilized as a multi-function open shower. Having a luxury drawn bathtub as the room statement is what draws people in this design direction.
  7. Bold New Tile Patterns: Neutral colors are in, but do not be afraid to mix subtle contrasts in designs and patterns with subtle. The use of different textures and contrasts are being explored more now than ever. Designers are using these subtle contrasts in tiles.
  8. Make a Statement with Fixtures: With the trend leaning towards nude color palettes, copper and gold fixtures, handles and knobs are a fantastic way to make your fixtures stand out. Do not forget to think about lighting fixtures when making these decisions, they will equally stand out.
  9. Lighting: Featured lighting can make or break the ambiance of any room and especially your bathroom. The use of lighting is heavily underrated and can dramatically impact your desired ambiance. Incorporating lighting in your design perspective will elevate your overall outcome and satisfaction. After all your bathroom is your most personal space in your home.

Bathrooms need to be functional but with some careful thought in the design of your remodel you can hit a home run with both functionality and aesthetics. Following current bathroom remodeling trends and tailoring them to your specific needs and style will ensure your ultimate success in designing your dream bathroom.

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