Why You Need Board Up Services After a Disaster

Has Your Property Been Damaged by a Disaster?  

If you’re property has been seriously damaged by water, fire, wind, or a storm, you should consider having emergency board up services of your property performed by a trained restoration company.  If you need to vacate your home during repairs don’t walk away and leave it vulnerable.  Allowing your property to remain unprotected can further increase the damage to your home and its contents, as well as invite vandalism.

What are Board Up Services?

When a natural disaster strikes, your property needs to be protected as soon as possible.  Boarding up services provide the temporary security your home or business needs until proper repairs can be made.  Sealing off your property can prevent additional damage from inclement weather as well as individuals.   Depending on the severity of the damage to your property, a licensed restoration specialist can perform some or all the following procedures:

  • Insuring that all openings are closed and secured. These would include the roof, windows, doors, skylights, garage doors
  • If necessary, placing barricades in the front of your property
  • Placing of a security fence around the property to prevent entry
  • Where roof damage is evident, placing roof tarps to prevent additional water or wind damage to the contents and the property
  • It may be necessary to perform immediate electrical repairs to prevent the likelihood of fire
  • Removal of all loose debris which could include structural debris or fallen trees
  • Installing a temporary generator to provide power for future work
  • Begin the process of evaluating the extent of the damage for future repairs and insurance assessments

Board Up Windows and Doors Quickly!  The Dangers of Storm Damage to your Home or Business Are Real and Can Lead to Costly Repairs as Well as Serious Health Issues if Not Address by a Professional in a Timely Manner

In the case of severe damage, time is of the essence.  It’s important to minimize the damage that’s already occurred by keeping pests, rain, dust, and unwanted intruders away from your property’s interior.  Repairing structural damage or a roof can take a lot of time.  Failing to take action to secure your property and possessions could cost you thousands more than if you take quick action and contact a licensed renovation professional.

At Southwest Restoration we know how essential your home is to you and your family.  For over 30 years, our team has provided unmatched craftsmanship and outstanding customer service to thousands of clients, large and small.  Throughout the process of restoring your property after a catastrophe, we ensure the highest quality work while maintaining budget and following timelines.  Family owned and operated we are the local contractor you can entrust.  Don’t settle for anything less than the best for your home.  So, if you’ve experienced damage to your home, contact us immediately so that we can begin the job of returning your life to normal.