Should I Try to Remove Mold from my Property Myself?

There can be a lot of confusion and anxiety around this question, hire a professional company or try to and clean/remediate mold myself? Some people say try and clean it yourself and others say never attempt to clean it yourself. These two options as stated can be confusing and worrisome. Below are 5 things to consider when you are faced with a mold issue.  Hiring a mold removal and remediation company vs. trying to remove it yourself, the answer is usually simple and straight forward.

What is the First Course of Action?

Before addressing the cleaning/remediation process, first find and correct the cause. Since mold is mostly caused by a moisture/water issue, first check for the following intrusion/causes for the mold growth:

  • Plumbing Leaks
  • Ceiling/Wall Leaks
  • Recent Spills
  • Flooding/Puddling
  • Humidity

These are common water intrusions that cause mold to develop and grow. If you find one of these problems near your mold area, you have most likely found your primary cause. Once the cause is found it is imperative to fix the problem as soon as possible before addressing your mold problem or calling a mold remediation company. If you need to call a professional, ask them what you can do to keep the area as dry as possible while dealing with your mold issue. If you do not deal with the primary cause first your mold will most likely grow back in just a few days.

What if I cannot locate the moisture intrusion?

If you cannot locate the source of your moisture contact a leak detection company first. These companies are designed to find the exact location of the source which can save you time damage and repairs. Usually they can fix the problems themselves however if it is a plumbing problem that requires a plumbing professional also, they most likely will give you some great recommendations.

Should You Hire a Professional Mold Removal and Remediation Company or Do it Myself?

Once you have located and fixed your moisture problem casing your mold growth, you can decide how to move forward with the removal process. If you have an area that covers 3 square feet or more, you should seriously consider hiring a professional mold remediation company. If it is less than that, do-it-yourself mold removal could possibly work, however if there is hidden or invisible mold or other areas affected that you are unaware of and if mold grows back you need to seriously consider hiring a professional mold remediation company. It will cost you substantially more in the long run trying to do-it-yourself and failing, not to mention putting your family’s health at risk.

How Do You Choose the Best Mold Removal and Remediation Company?

How to hire a mold inspection/remediation contractor. Research available companies in your local area/region. Look for a locally owned and operated company that has been in business for many years, one that is capable of mold inspection, mold remediation and total restoration bringing your property back to new. Make sure their employees are IICRC certified, the industries leader in education, drying and mold remediation technologies. Don’t be afraid to ask for testimonials, references and check for positive review ratings on-line.

Do-It Yourself Mold Remediation

The DIY approach can be risky for you and your family if you don’t take the needed precautions. The first step to protecting everyone around you is to remove anyone from the property that is a toddler, pregnant, elderly or anyone with a weak immune system during the remediation process. During remediation be sure to wear protective gear for health and safety reasons.

Don’t Let Your Property Harm You!  Contact A Professional.

Water and mold damage are very stressful events, the most important thing to remember is that your family’s health and safety should be your highest priority, not to mention the damage it can cause to your wallet.For a free consultation or estimate let the professionals, since 1988, at Southwest Restoration (941-743-4466) help restore your home to new. Once it is restored to new, a licensed insurance adjuster from our team will assist you with your insurance claims. If you need professional help contact Southwest Restoration Inc Today!