When you are ready to remodel your kitchen keeping up with the latest trends can ensure the longevity of your design. Below are 4 top trends with kitchen cabinet designs that can enhance your home’s style and functionality.



Having enough storage in your kitchen is important, but making sure that your storage space is designed to keep things organized and decluttered is essential. Two popular kitchen storage solutions include deep pot and pan drawers and cabinets with pull-outs. Deep drawers for pots and pans allow you to keep your stacked, organized and within reach for daily use. Adding pull-outs in your cabinets has become a very popular trend when it comes to storage and avoiding clutter. Pull-outs make it easy to find and reach all items in the cabinet without the need to stretch and reach.



Kitchen islands are great for offering extra countertop space for food prep, dining and more. Kitchen islands also allow you to increase your kitchen cabinet storage space. Since many kitchen islands are built to blend in with the rest of your kitchen, a lot of homeowners are choosing to create a statement with their islands. Selecting different colored cabinets around your island and hanging oversized pendant lights or pendant lights with a unique design all aide in making your kitchen island stand out.

4 Top Trends with Kitchen Cabinet Designs


While cabinet handles and knobs may not seem to be a big deal when it comes to designing your kitchen, the type of hardware you choose for your cabinets can really transform the look of your kitchen. Cabinet hardware comes in many different styles, shapes, and colors. Whatever selection you make can change the overall feel in your kitchen taking it from a farmhouse or country kitchen to a traditional, modern kitchen.



When it comes to lighting in your kitchen, the lighting does not need to stop with ceiling lights and pendant lighting. A recent trend in kitchen lighting has been with cabinet lighting. Cabinet lights can be used to highlight features or contents in glass front cabinets. Lights can also be added underneath upper kitchen cabinets to increase work or task lighting while creating warmth in the room.

Who to Call for Your Kitchen Renovation

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