As we all know, Hurricane Ian caused devastation to many communities, neighborhoods, and all surrounding areas throughout Southwest Florida. Sadly, as prepared as we try to be in protecting our property and belongings, there are times when property damages will occur. If your home or business has suffered damages due to Hurricane Ian, knowing how to deal with the issues can help to alleviate some of the worries and help ease your mind.

What to Do if You Need Emergency Storm Damage Restoration


Assess the Severity of the Damages

After a disaster occurs, it is understandable that you may want to fix things up quickly to try to get everything back to normal as fast as possible. However, before you hire a company to start the restoration process, it is important to identify the severity of the damage. Once it is safe to inspect your property, you can make a note to determine what is considered storm damage and what is not. If possible, you should also take pictures of the damages before anything is moved, so you have proof for your insurance company of what happened.


Contact your Insurance Provider

After you have noted down what you have seen and have taken pictures, contacting your insurance provider is the next step. When speaking with your insurance provider, it is important to be thorough when discussing the details of your home or business’ damages due to the storm. It is important to understand that different types of damage are covered in different ways. In other words, if your property has suffered water damage, that would be covered differently than wind damage. All in all, your insurance company will guide you with what to do next and should assist you in finding emergency restoration companies.
hurricane Ian storm damage restoration

Hire a Storm Damage Restoration Company

A disaster restoration specialist will complete a thorough inspection and assessment of your property and can help you understand what the best steps are going forward. When searching for a reputable storm damage restoration company, hiring one that is IICRC Certified is advisable. IICRC stands for the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. IICRC certified companies are known for their high level of technical experience and professionalism. Hiring a IICRC certified company will give you the peace of mind needed that the job will be completed right the first time.

Southwest Florida’s #1 Local Emergency Hurricane Damage Response Team

If your home or business has storm damage from Hurricane Ian, it is important to act quickly. Southwest Restoration has served Southwest Florida since 1988. Since that time, we have provided disaster restoration services to thousands of residents and businesses. With over 30 years of experience, we understand what it takes to get the job done quickly and correctly. Furthermore, as a family owned and operated business, owners Ryan and Todd are involved in every step of any service we provide, from start to finish. The team at Southwest Restoration is IICRC Certified, and we are leaders in the industry. Additionally, we are a fully licensed restoration contractor, and we are the only restoration company in SWFL to offer one-stop shopping for insurance related claims. Furthermore, we can direct bill your insurance company. Contact us today and find out how we can help you.