Are you Looking for New Kitchen Cabinets?

It is said that the kitchen is the heart of the home.  From food preparation and entertaining to parties and homework, the impact of a nonfunctioning kitchen is felt by the entire family.  Today’s families spent most of their quality time in the kitchen, a practical layout, sufficient storage, brilliant design, and using quality materials are imperative. The kitchen is considered the hub of the home and can set the design stage for the rest of your property.  The cabinetry you choose can easily transition throughout your house in bathrooms, bedrooms, living areas and hallways. Choosing the right cabinets for your unique needs will not only add extra space and improve function but will also improve the aesthetics of your kitchen and overall home value. Before buying new kitchen cabinets, read on to find 3 important considerations.

Considerations to Make Before Buying New Kitchen Cabinets

What is Better Custom Cabinet’s or Stock Cabinets?

Custom cabinets, as the name implies, are designed, and built for your specific kitchen based on your aesthetic, functionality, and lifestyle needs. Custom cabinets are designed and constructed, unlike “stock” cabinets to fit any unusual kitchen wall layouts or floor plans, so there will not be gaps or inefficient use of available space.  Custom cabinets utilize space in the best and most effective way to provide the very best storage solution. Other advantages of custom cabinets include:

  • Outstanding Quality – Custom cabinets are made by skilled craftspeople. They are built to last
  • Increased Functionality – From pull out drawers to rotating shelves, you decide what you need.
  • No Space is Wasted – Because custom cabinets are built for your home, no space is wasted
  • Beautiful Addition to the Kitchen – Custom cabinets are beautifully crafted and built to last.

Manufactured or “Stock” cabinets are made in a factory.  For homeowners working on an extremely limited budget, stock cabinets could be a satisfactory solution. Many experts believe if you don’t have the budget to install custom cabinets it is better to wait until you can find it in your budget. There is no point in replacing kitchen cabinets if you’re buying something cheap and low quality.

What is My Vision, Style, and Aesthetic Preferences?

As stated above, quality is important in any home remodeling project. When choosing cabinets for your kitchen it is important to not only select cabinets that are high quality and serve a functional purpose, but also add style and beauty to the most used room in your home. Each kitchen design is unique.  Some kitchens are classic, and some are open and contemporary. Either way, the cabinet style you choose should not only provide the function your need, but also reflect your unique tastes, home décor and personality. Searching the web and trade magazines are an excellent way to get ideas and style ideas that meet and match your vision. Choosing between designs like traditional, contemporary, (the two main categories) and other designs such as transitional, beach, farmhouse, rustic, Mediterranean, industrial, modern, and southwest, are all good options. Hardware and countertops are also equally important in your overall design scheme. It is highly recommended to hire a professional custom kitchen cabinet designer to help you incorporate all these decisions. This one piece of advice will save you thousands of dollars and years of disappointment.

What Functionality and Space Needs Do I Have?

When choosing cabinets for your kitchen it is important to select cabinets that serve a functional purpose. Take inventory of all your kitchen utensils, accessories, and appliance’s. Where do you envision them going? What is used most often? What do you want displayed in your kitchen? What do you want hidden? What are you going to store in your cabinets or pantry? The kitchen is where family and friends build memories together and is the most traveled area in a home. Think of functionality and practicality as the same. Additionally, space, shape, and the position of plumbing and major appliances in your kitchen will play a role in the design and functionality of your kitchen cabinets. This is just another reason why we recommend hiring a custom kitchen designer and cabinet maker to help in these major decisions.



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Kitchen Cabinet Considerations