What 5 Actions Should I Take Following a Fire?

One of the most devastating events that anyone can face in their life is seeing their home or business being consumed by a fire. After the fire department puts out the fire, your property will likely have sustained fire, smoke, and water damage. You may be thinking to yourself; how could I have water damage?  Hundreds of gallons of water may be used when extinguishing a fire, which can cause water damage and mold. While your safety during a fire is extremely important, your health and safety after a fire is also important.  After the fire department has done their job, there are 5 actions that you can take to start the clean up process and keep your family safe following a fire.

5 Actions to Take Following a Fire Include:


Ensure You, Your Family and Your Pets are Safe

The most important thing to consider is the safety of yourself, your family, and your pets.  This may seem obvious, but during a catastrophic event it is easy to become overwhelmed and experience chaos, anxiety, and confusion. Your property is not a safe environment and is toxic, make sure all family members and pets are accounted for.  If household members were not in the home at the time of the fire, take the time to contact them to let them know what happened.

Contact Your Insurance Provider

After you have ensured the safety of your family, contact your insurance provider, and inform them of the loss. Your insurance provider is experienced in dealing with catastrophic events and will direct you on what actions to immediately take and initiate the insurance claim.

Make Sure Your Property in Safe Before Re-entering It

Do not enter your home without the permission of the fire department. Fires can reignite and cause serious visible and hidden damage. Your home and possessions may be damaged by the fire itself and soot, smoke, and water. The remnants of a fire, such as soot and water, can be toxic and make you ill. When the fire department has given you the all clear sign to re-enter your home, focus on retrieving valuables and important documents that are salvageable. Do not do any of the following:

  • Do not enter until the fire department says it is safe
  • Don’t turn on your water, gas, or utilities
  • If your vehicles have been damaged, do not start them, or move them
  • Don’t try to clean up the damage yourself

If you can re-enter your home, document every item that is damaged or destroyed.

Contact an IICRC Certified Fire Restoration Contractor

When the firefighter’s job is done, it is important to contact am IICRC certified fire damage restoration contractor as soon as possible to come and properly assess the damages and see what needs to be done to restore your property. Every minute counts. In addition to helping with insurance claims, a professional fore damage restoration contract will provide the following:

  • Assessment of Damages
  • Board Up Services if Needed
  • Structure Stabilization
  • Cleaning and Repair
  • Cleaning of Repairable Goods
  • Soot Removal and Clean Up
  • Smoke Odor Removal
  • Water Removal and Clean Up
  • Mold Remediation
  • Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning
  • Removal of Damaged Goods
  • Reconstruction & Remodeling of Affected Areas

Find Somewhere to Stay During the Restoration Process

Will you need to move out during the restoration process? That will depend on the severity of the smoke, fire, and water damage.  If your home lacks structural stability, has sustained extensive damage or if you have no utilities, you will need to vacate during the restoration process. Even if the fire was contained to a single room, health risks may still be present. Safety risks from fires do not end when the fire is put out.  Breathing smoke residue is a health hazard, and until the smoke residue is removed a subsequent fire is more likely to happen. To ensure your safety, the restoration company will carefully inspect and test your property to determine the extent of the damage and whether you can safely remain in your home during the restoration process.

Taking the Above 5 Actions Following a Fire Is Important! 


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