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Do you Have Water Damage in your Home or Business in Port Charlotte?

If so, contact Southwest Restoration Inc for professional water damage restoration and water extraction in Port Charlotte, Florida.  Whether your damage is from a weather event or a plumbing disaster, our highly trained team of IICRC technicians are ready to respond immediately with 24/7 emergency service.  When you are the victim of water damage, time is of the essence to minimize the damage caused to your property regardless of the situation that caused the disaster. Even the introduction of tiny amounts of water over time to an area of your property can create unexpected problems. Water damage to your property’s interior provides the ideal environment for the growth and reproduction of mold and bacteria. Mold is a parasite the relies on dead or decaying organic material to thrive. So, when you combine even a small amount of water on your flooring, baseboards, ceilings, or drywall, with our warm humid climate, you have a recipe for disaster. Mold, and bacteria if left untreated can cause many health issues. While an allergic reaction is most common, those individuals considered high risk such as children, the elderly, those with chronic respiratory conditions or those who are immunocompromised may suffer more severe reactions. 

24/7 Emergency Water Damage Restoration in Port Charlotte

If you have an emergency, contact us for immediate help.  Our business is built on helping you get past your water problem quickly and effectively.  We are on call 24/7 to take your call.  Once you have contacted us, we will arrive to your property within 30 minutes.  Our team consists of IICRC state licensed professionals who are highly trained, experienced skilled technicians in handling even the most severe situations. We have the most advanced inspection equipment and techniques to find the source of moisture and then remove it to restore a 100% healthy environment with 100% customer satisfaction.

What is an IICRC Certified Contractor for Water Damage Restoration and Why do I Need One?

The IICRC (The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certificate) is a certification program for restoration contractors that sets the standards for the best techniques and practices in the restoration industry.  Contractors that hold an IICRC certification are trained in specialized procedures and technology to complete restoration jobs consistent with the highest standards.  Why would you want an IICRC certified contractor to clean up you water damage?  If you are experiencing a water damage situation, you need a professional that is competent, capable, trained and committed to fixing your problem correctly.  Choosing an IICRC contractor assures you that the work performed is done according to globally recognized standards for the inspection, cleaning, restoration, and installation industries. At Southwest Restoration, our technicians are IICRC certified. The equipment used during all phases of your restoration meet the highest standards for safety, air quality and the complete elimination of mold to ensure your property is restored to its original state.

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Water Damage Restoration Port Charlotte

The Dangers of Water Damage to your Home or business are Real and Can Lead to Costly Repairs as Well as Serious Health Issues if Not Addressed by a Professional in a Timely Manner!

Steps to Take in the Event You Incur Water Damage

Every minute counts. We are available 24/7 to respond to your emergency. Don’t delay calling Southwest Restoration as the longer your property goes untreated the greater the damage and cost will be. Prior to our arrival take these steps if possible.

  • If you can, remove those items from the damaged areas of your home that are removable such as furniture or electronics. Only do this if the power has been turned off in the affected areas. Water and Electricity are a dangerous combination.
  • If possible remove any carpeting as it may be salvageable.
  • Remove any excess water that you can prior to our arrival. Mops, buckets, and towels can be used to soak up water and remove from the home. Before pouring water down a drain be sure they are not clogged.
  • Should you have roof leak and have access to the attic, try to locate the leak and place a bucket or buckets to catch the water.
  • If it’s not raining open doors and windows to assist in drying, and fans can be used as well.


Contact Southwest Restoration for Professional, Affordable Water Damage Restoration in Port Charlotte

As a family owned and operated business, owners Ryan and Todd are involved in every step of any service we provide, from start to finish. We can assist you from determining the degree of your emergency to helping you file your insurance claim. All our employees are IICRC certified, the industry’s leader in education and drying technology. We will incorporate the best in advanced commercial grade equipment technology to dry your home or business swiftly and completely. Our state of the art equipment will determine when the affected areas are fully dry and record that data for each affected area. We understand the trauma and disruption that a flooding event can create, and we do whatever it takes to return your life to normal with minimal disruption. You can count on us for 24/7 Emergency Service with 30-minute response time:

When your home or business is restored to normal a licensed insurance adjuster from our team will assist you with your insurance claims. Trust the professionals at Southwest Restoration to communicate your needs to your insurance company and return your property and your life back to normal.

If you’re in need of professional water restoration Contact Southwest Restoration Inc. Today.

As a part-time resident of Florida I hired Southwest Restoration to repair water damage and make some updates to my condo. I was extremely happy with the results and the professional way they dealt with me. They found mold that a previous company did not and the upgrades I requested were done exactly as I wished. Even though I had to leave and go back to Indiana for a while, they always kept me informed of what was going on. It was refreshing to know I could trust people in my condo while I was not there. The office always got back to me within 24 hours if I called them. These people are the BEST
Linda H.

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  • Protection & Peace of Mind – Professional, Fully Licensed & Insured Team, with IICRC Certification

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